Dance Partner for Milongas



We offer Taxi Dancers who can accompany you to any Milonga or Practica. You have the option to book the dancer per hour or per Tanda (minimum of 3 Tandas).

Hiring a Taxi Dancer for a Milonga will guarantee you some quality dancing time, will make you more experienced, improve your dancing and make you shine at any Tango event. 

If you feel like you go to Milongas or Practicas and don't get to dance as much as you would like to, either because you don't get asked to dance or because you don't fully get to enjoy the dancing, our company offers you the opportunity to hire a professional Tango Dancer to make all of your dancing time a joy and well-spent. 

The Taxi Dancer's job is merely to be dancing with you at the highest level that he/ she believes suits you and without giving you any kind of instruction. If you would like to also take a private class with your Taxi Dancer, in order to answer questions or to improve your technique, you can let us know via email and book it separately.

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Dance Partner for classes



If you need a partner for any group or private class or workshop you can hire a Taxi Dancer to accompany you. Even if there is no partner required you will get the most out of your lesson by having a professional dancer dancing exclusively with you.

Many times there is a special class that you would like to take but you spend the whole time in class trying to look for a good partner that matches your level- or a partner at all- because of the lack of balance in leader and follower attendance. Hiring a Taxi Dancer to take a lesson with you will allow you to enjoy and get the most out of the lesson since you will have a professional dancer that is there to dance with you only.

If you would like to take a private class, hiring a Taxi Dancer to take the class with you will be helpful as well, so that the instructor will be able to see you dancing at your best, and observe from an outside vantage point. 

If you hire a Taxi Dancer  to accompany you for a class, he/ she is meant to be dancing with you only and not to be teaching, as this will be the job of the instructor that you have chosen to take the class with

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Private classes



We also offer private lessons (available as single class or class package) and group classes (weekly group classes and the option of booking a group class for your private event).

Taking classes will improve your technique and understanding of Tango and your own body. In a private class you will have the instructor's full attention on you and your individual needs and will accelerate your progress so that you can enjoy dancing even more!

If you have a group of friends or family that would like to take a group class together or any event in which you would like to offer a Tango class, we are available to come to your location.

Please contact us for more information and to book a private or group class at info@tangotaxidancersny.com.

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