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TangoTaxiDancers NY/ US is a company that offers you the opportunity to hire a professional dancer to accompany you to any Milonga or Tango event/ class for your preferred amount of hours or tandas for a guaranteed quality dancing time. 

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What is a Taxi Dancer?

A Taxi Dancer is a professional Tango Dancer that you can hire as an exclusive dance partner to accompany you to any Milonga, Practica, class, workshop or other Tango event. He/ she does not give instructions, so this is not to be confused with private lessons or coaching. 

Hiring a Taxi Dancer will give you the chance to become more experienced and confident in dancing Tango and to have the guarantee that you will enjoy and get something out of your time at any Milonga, Practica or class. 


Our Services

We offer Tango Taxi Dancers to accompany you to Milongas/ Practicas or to a Tango class/ workshop as well as to Tango Festivals and Marathons. 

We also offer professional Tango Dancers to perform and/or teach at your private event. 

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